The Arsov Bel Project


The Arsov Bel Project represents a colorful mixture of a traditional Soukous-African dance music and European pop tradition. It all started when Bel gives his Soukous guitar technique DVD as a present to Arsov, and the latter discovered that making Soukous music could be a joyful task, rediscovering his collection of guitars and basses. Arsov made a first track, opened the window in his house, called the neighbors, sisters Nadja and Mateja, if they can come to record something. Jeannot added his smooth voice (from his studio in London) … and the rest is the history.

members of  The Arsov Bel Project are:

  • Jeannot Bel - main vocal
  • Arsov Aleksander - instruments
  • Nadja & Mateja Skumavec - additional vocals

Animation for Love Love video by Klemen Gorup


The group  just released their  first album – Africa, Slovenia. There are eleven songs on album. Rehearsals for upcoming concerts are in progress.