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Contribution To The Common Madness
With this album I’m coming back to my roots – electro post rock with plenty of heavily effected guitar lines. New and old genres mixed in an unique way bringing pile of fresh sounding tracks.
Arsov - Years
Compilation covering 20 years and all albums

“Compilation that goes over last twenty years of my music career bringing eighteen songs from all albums released during this period. (three songs are previously unreleased, being picked specially for this compilation)

Light” from first album “Mindless” featuring
Boris Benko on vocal

Mindless – Light

Belinda - Etno Raketno

“Album that brings eleven covers of Slovenian traditional songs combining classical rock guitar riffs and grunge vocals with free-jazz piano parts. A wild drive through Slovenia folklore.

Regiment po cesti gre”
Slovenian tradditional song played by Belinda.
Dejan Barden, Marko Prezelj and Arsov

Belinda – Regiment po cesti gre:

Regiment po cesti gre