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Electro Acoustic Daydreams
A raw combination of electric and acoustic impressions

My intention with this project was to explore how to add electronic sounds to acoustic instruments in a way that still sounds organic and primal.

Acoustic guitars with distortion, raw electronic sounds – when everything falls apart and returns to its original state, origin.

Electro Acoustic Daydreams
The Final Spot

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Contribution To The Common Madness
With this album I’m coming back to my roots – electro post rock with plenty of heavily effected guitar lines. New and old genres mixed in an unique way bringing pile of fresh sounding tracks.
Belinda - Etno Raketno

“Album that brings eleven covers of Slovenian traditional songs combining classical rock guitar riffs and grunge vocals with free-jazz piano parts. A wild drive through Slovenia folklore.

Regiment po cesti gre”
Slovenian tradditional song played by Belinda.
Dejan Barden, Marko Prezelj and Arsov

Belinda – Regiment po cesti gre:

Regiment po cesti gre

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